SustainaBuddies prioritizes the safety of its customers and takes allergies and food intolerances extremely seriously. We do our utmost to contain and control the risk of any contamination with potential allergens in our production facilities. However since we work with some materials that may contain allergens, we cannot 100% explicitly guarantee every item will be free from allergens (this pertains mainly to those with extremely serious allergies).


It is very important to read and share the following information if you or an intended recipient of our products suffers from allergies or food intolerances – particularly for those with serious allergies (i.e. nuts, dairy or gluten), who may have a serious reaction to trace amounts of an airborne allergen.


Milk, nuts, seeds & dairy:

Whilst we do not use any of these materials in our own products, we cannot guarantee that our product range will be completely free of trace amounts from these products. During production and logistics, our products are sometimes stored (fully packaged) in close proximity to such items. Whilst the risk is very minimal, we want to be open & honest.


Wheat & gluten:

Many of our products are made from natural wheat materials. The part of the wheat plant which contains gluten is the grain-bearing tip of the plant, which is harvested to make wheat flour & other products. Our items use purely the stem or stalk of the wheat and therefore do not explicitly contain gluten. They go through a thorough 5-step cleaning process in order to sanitize the product and remove any traces of gluten, however due to the nature of these products we cannot explicitly guarantee the products are 100% free from gluten especially for those with extreme intolerance such as severe cases of coeliac disease.


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