Our Story

Established in 2019, SustainaBuddies is an earth-loving lifestyle company committed to reducing plastic waste by providing eco-friendly and affordable alternatives to plastic products.

Our focus is eco-friendly alternatives to disposable plastic products such as straws, cutlery and tableware. Our products have many uses – at home, on picnics, at food stalls, in bars, restaurants, hotels and much more! We also have some other exciting new products under development which we will share with our fellow SustainaBuddies soon!

Our products are available directly to consumers on Amazon, our website and through our Facebook store (and more places coming soon!), and we also work directly with businesses such as hotels, bars and restaurants.


The SustainaBuddies Vision

Our planet is a beautiful place, teeming with life and breathtaking landscapes. Pollution and climate change are now threatening our very existence, and it’s time to clean up our act. We want future generations to enjoy the same beautiful earth we have enjoyed for thousands of years.

And so our journey begins. We are here to bring you products that you love, whilst supporting restoration of the natural environment and our fragile ecosystems.

We are also currently working on plans to channel a percentage of our proceeds directly into plastic waste cleanup and reforestation projects. We can’t wait to share more details with you – watch this space!

Become one of our SustainaBuddies today and help us make the world a better place.

The Sustainable Product Cycle

We strongly believe that the environment must become a key consideration in all aspects of our lives. In order to heal our planet, we need to care for her as we do for our children and loved ones. We believe businesses and manufacturers have a unique responsibility to ensure not only that products are produced in an environmentally friendly way, but that they are designed from the beginning with strong consideration to the sustainability of the product and its raw materials.

At SustainaBuddies, we strive to bring you products which are not only affordable and superior to their plastic counterparts, but products which have the sustainability of the ecosystem at the very core of their design. All of our products follow the SustainaBuddies life cycle as below (click to enlarge).


Enjoy your stay

Please take your time and enjoy your stay whilst visiting our website.

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Should you have any questions regarding our products, wish to discuss an order, require any information or would like to discuss a B2B business opportunity, please contact us through one of the methods listed on our Contact Us page.

We hope you will become one of our SustainaBuddies and join us in the fight against plastic waste!

Peace and love to all,