Wheat Drinking Straws

Sip your drink in style – wave goodbye to 
toxic plastic & soggy paper straws

Introducing SustainaBuddies Wheat Drinking Straws

Help us wave goodbye to nasty plastic and soggy paper by switching to wheat drinking straws today! Our product is made using a 100% natural and organic agricultural by-product.

Man walking through wheat field

Wheat is a renewable and sustainable resource

Unlike paper products, ours doesn’t contribute to deforestation. SustainaBuddies straws are made from wheat stems, which are an agricultural by-product.

The wheat stems are left over after the ‘ears’ or ‘spikes’ have been harvested for cereals and grains. Traditionally a waste-product, we cut the stems to size and clean them with a non-toxic and chemical free 5-step process. We use minimal energy and prevent this valuable resource from being wasted.

Hand holding a stem of wheat

Disposable, biodegradable and compostable

Our eco-friendly sipping devices are friendlier than plastic, metal, bamboo and paper ones. Even in landfill, our straws will biodegrade naturally and provide nutrients for new life.

SustainaBuddies straws are a pleasure to drink through, holding their rigid form for hours. Our product does not get soggy or mushy, remaining tasteless for maximum enjoyment of your delicious beverage! Stylish & customizable, our straws add a chic and hip touch to any establishment, and show your Instagram followers you are doing your bit to save our wonderful planet from the evils of plastic pollution.

Picture of wheat straws

A 100% natural product

Every SustainaBuddies wheat straw has a unique appearance and can easily be cut to size with a pair of scissors, should it need slimming down to fit smaller cups / glasses.

The allergens that cause wheat sensitivities are held within the grain of the wheat ear, so the wheat stem is perfectly safe for those with gluten intolerance and wheat allergies.

Help Support The Environment and become one of our SustainaBuddies today!

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